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Media/ASX Releases

07/06/2019ASXSecurities to be released from escrowView
06/06/2019ASXChange of director's interest noticeView
29/05/2019ASXNickel Copper Discovery Carr Boyd RocksView
24/05/2019ASXTrading HaltView
14/05/2019ASXProgramme of Work Approval - Munda Gold MineView
09/05/2019ASXProgramme of Work Approvals ReceivedView
29/04/2019ASXQuarterly Cashflow ReportView
29/04/2019ASXQuarterly Activities ReportView
04/04/2019ASXShareholder PresentationView
02/04/2019ASXLetter Of Intent - Alliance to Develop Munda Gold ProjectView
27/03/2019ASXDisclosure Under ASX Listing Rule 3.10.5AView
27/03/2019ASXNotice Under Section 708AView
27/03/2019ASXAppendix 3BView
21/03/2019ASXReinstatement to Official QuotationView
20/03/2019ASXSuspension from Official QuotationView
18/03/2019ASXTrading HaltView
13/03/2019ASXShareholder PresentationView
12/03/2019ASXProgramme of Work SubmittedView
11/03/2019ASXHalf Year AccountsView
12/02/2019ASXLetter From The ChairmanView
01/02/2019ASXInitial Director's Interest NoticeView
01/02/2019ASXFinal Director's Interest NoticeView
01/02/2019ASXBoard ChangesView
01/02/2019ASXMunda Gold Open PitView
31/12/2018ASXQuarterly Cashflow ReportView
31/12/2018ASXQuarterly Activities ReportView
07/12/2018ASXNotification of Change of AuditorView
04/12/2018ASXTrading HaltView
04/12/2018ASXSpectacular Maiden Drill Results SpargovilleView
27/11/2018ASXPhase III Ground HPEM CommencedView
ASXEM Confirms Two High Priority Targets at Carr BoydView
ASXResults of MeetingView
ASXExpiry of OptionsView
ASXOption Shortfall Placed - Appendix 3BView
29/10/2018ASXCommencement of Drilling Spargoville NiView
26/10/2018ASXQuarterly Cashflow ReportView
26/10/2018ASXQuarterly Activities ReportView
17/10/2018ASXNotice of Annual General Meeting - Proxy FormView
03/10/2018ASXExpiry of OptionsView
28/09/2018ASXExploration UpdateView
25/09/2018ASXAppendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement 2018View
25/09/2018ASXAnnual Report 2018View
21/09/2018ASXPoseidon Nickel - Toll Milling Black Swan Nickel OperationsView
21/09/2018ASXPoseidon Nickel - MOUs for Ore Tolling at Black SwanView
21/09/2018ASXChange of Director's Interest Notice x 3View
19/09/2018ASXAppendix 3BView
17/09/2018ASXEntitlement Issue - Closure and Shortfall NoticeView
06/09/2018ASXEntitlement Issue - Payment FacilityView
04/09/2018ASXDespatch of Entitlement Issue Prospectus and Offer FormView
29/08/2018ASXEntitlement Issue - Letter to Ineligible ShareholdersView
ASXEntitlement Issue - Letter to Eligible ShareholdersView
ASXEntitlement Issue - Letter to OptionholdersView
23/08/2018ASXAppendix 3B - Entitlement IssueView
23/08/2018ASXEntitlement Issue ProspectusView
21/08/2018ASXNotice Under Section 708AView
21/08/2018ASXAppendix 3BView
17/08/2018ASXCarr Boyd Ni PresentationView
13/08/2018ASXTrading HaltView
13/08/2018ASXChange in substantial holdingView
03/08/2018ASXChange in substantial holdingView
24/07/2018ASXQuarterly Cashflow ReportView
24/07/2018ASXQuarterly Activities ReportView
19/07/2018ASXProposed Loyalty Option Entitlement IssueView
12/07/2018ASXProgramme of Work Approval Scotia EastView
06/07/2018ASXChange of Director's Interest NoticeView
05/07/2018ASXBecoming a Substantial HolderView
27/06/2018ASXAppendix 3BView
27/06/2018ASXCompletion of Carr Boyd Nickel Project AcquisitionView
26/06/2018ASXProgramme of Work Approval SpargovilleView
22/06/2018ASXSecurities Trading PolicyView
08/06/2018ASXProgramme of Work Approval Munda Gold MineView
01/06/2018ASXExpiry of OptionsView
21/05/2018ASXChange of Company SecretaryView
15/05/2018ASXAppendix 3Y - Change of Director’s Interest NoticeView
15/05/2018ASXAppendix 3B - Issue of Related Party OptionsView
14/05/2018ASXASX Waiver Decision - Listing Rule 14.7View
30/04/2018ASXQuarterly Activities ReportView
30/04/2018ASXNMT: Completion Of Lithium Rights Acquisition - Mt EdwardsView
30/04/2018ASXQuarterly Cashflow ReportView
30/04/2018ASXCompletion of Sale - Mt Edwards Lithium RightsView
26/04/2018ASXResults of MeetingView
19/04/2018ASXExploration Results for Carr Boyd Layered ComplexView
19/04/2018ASXResponse to ASX Price and Volume QueryView
17/04/2018ASXTrading HaltView
28/03/2018ASXNotice of General Meeting/Proxy FormView
27/03/2018ASXHigh Grade Cobalt Intersected in DrillingView
23/03/2018ASXNotice of Meeting and IERView
15/03/2018ASXTrading HaltView
15/03/2018ASXSale of Mt Edwards LithiumView
15/03/1028ASXHalf Yearly Report and AccountsView
30/01/2018ASXQuarterly Cashflow ReportView
30/01/2018ASXQuarterly Activities ReportView
12/01/2018ASXAppendix 3BView
12/01/2018ASXNotice Under Section 708AView
08/12/2017ASXExploration Update on the Carr Boyd Nickel ProjectView
28/11/2017ASXResults of MeetingView
27/11/2017ASXExploration Update on the Carr Boyd Nickel ProjectView
02/11/2017ASXDrilling Update Carr Boyd Nickel ProjectView
30/10/2017ASXTrading HaltView
25/10/2017ASXNotice Under Section 708AView
25/10/2017ASXAppendix 3BView
27/10/2017ASXQuarterly activities reportView
23/10/2017ASXNotice of Annual General MeetingView
23/10/2017ASXOversubscribed placement to raise $1.36mView
19/10/2017ASXSir William Wallace drilling dpdateView
19/10/2017ASXTrading HaltView
16/10/2017ASXCarr Boyd Nickel Project presentationView
16/10/2017ASXReinstatement to official quotationView
16/10/2017ASXEstrella to acquire the Carr Boyd Nickel ProjectView
16/10/2017ASXResponse to ASX price & volume queryView
12/10/2017ASXSuspension from official quotationView
10/10/2017ASXTrading haltView
10/10/2017ASXTrading halt requestView
29/09/2017ASXAnnual Report 2017 - Appendix-4GView
04/09/2017ASXEstrella to acquire Mundia Gold and Spargoville Nickel projectsView
31/08/2017ASXTrading haltView
09/08/2017ASXLarge spodumene crystals identified in outcrop at Atomic ThreeView
28/07/2017ASXQuarterly activities reportView
19/07/2017ASXHighest grade lithium to date at Atomic ThreeView
23/06/2017ASXNew outcropping of high grade lithium discovered at Atomic ThreeView
17/05/2017ASXShareholder UpdateView
10/05/2017ASXExpiry of OptionsView
05/05/2017ASXNotice Under Section 708AView
05/05/2017ASXAppendix 3BView
27/04/2017ASXQuarterly Activities and Cashflow ReportView
03/04/2017ASXFinal Director's Interest NoticeView
03/04/2017ASXInitial Director's Interest NoticeView
03/04/2017ASXDirector Appointment/ResignationView
10/03/2017ASX2016 Half Yearly Report and AccountsView
10/03/2017ASXNotice Under Section 708AView
10/03/2017ASXAppendix 3BView
10/02/2017ASXRC Drilling has Commenced on the MELPView
18/11/2016ASXSignificant Pegmatite Drill Core Located Mt Edwards Lithium ProjectView
17/11/2016ASXFollow-Up Rock Chip Sampling ProgressView
07/11/2016ASXEstrella to Acquire Western Australian Lithium ProjectView